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Notes from a Teacher | Children can remind of the beauty of winter

I remember when snow was beautiful.

I remember when I was 6 years old, and I would stare through the window at the beautiful snow as it fell softly upon the dogwood trees on Lemon Road. We would bundle up and play in the fresh crisp snow. We would make snow angels, eat snow by the buckets, sled down what we thought was a monster hill and pray to the snow gods that winter would last forever!

Now, many, many years later, I have found that winter doesn’t always bring the magic and wonder when it comes to call. In fact, I have often thought that winter is punishing us for loving spring and summer so much.

I often find myself thinking not-so-good thoughts about the slippery roads, the dirty snow banks and the icy sidewalks that I’m sure are conspiring to force me to replace my other hip.

This long and cold winter has thrown many of us into a depression that is very hard to shake. Each time we think spring is knocking on the door, Mother Nature decides to mess with us. I have tried to think of ways to pull myself up and remember that each season holds its surprises and its magic.

But really, it’s the children in my classroom who have lifted me up, with their imagination, their wonder and their ability to make us all laugh.

And so I offer you today the many nuggets that have lifted the teachers in my classroom out of the winter doldrums:

“You know, Ms. Marsh, reading is just like getting a free movie!”

“I always use contraptions in my writing!”

“Hey, Ms. Amos, is that Dr. Seuss’ profile picture?”

“John, did you get a haircut? Cause that’s some nice business hair.”

“My coach says I only listen to HALF of what he says. But I’m in the lead, ’cause everyone else doesn’t listen at ALL.”

“Boy, sometimes learning is hard, ’cause it’s HARD to pay attention.”

“I’m just a fan of shiny objects.”

“Yikes. A heart kind of looks like a rotten egg!”

“I’m holding my breath cause I’m practicing … in case I ever have to battle a great white shark.”

“I was born to scribble!”

“My dad never gets anything when he hunts. If only he would let ME use the gun.”

“Every now and then, I shed my skin.”

“Sometimes this math is really confusikating.”

“Guess what? I can do math flash cards with my EYES CLOSED!”

“I have three kinds of blood; swimming blood, reading blood and math blood. But I have my mom’s feet.”

“Messing up is part of learning, right Ms. Marsh?”

“I don’t roll like that — you have to say PLEASE.”

I watched all these amazing children run to the window during the last March snowstorm not long ago.

They “oohed” and “ahhed” for a few moments as we watched the wonder of nature unfold out our window.

I smiled and remembered that snow really is beautiful — but not quite as beautiful as 6-year-olds.