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Recycling | Rules apply for recycling tires, paint

Many residents call our office to inquire on the proper disposal of tires and paint. This column will help shed some light on those items.


Tires can be recycled at the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority for a minimal fee. Tires are accepted (on or off the rim) during regular transfer station operating hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday).

The cost is $10 for any tire(s) weighing up to 280 pounds. If the total weight is more than 280 pounds, the tires will be charged at a rate of $67 per ton. For commercial accounts, the rate is $100 per ton.

The transfer station is located at 253 Transfer Road, off state Route 26 in College Township. Follow the signs to the scale and let the scale operator know you have tires.


There are two kinds of paint that need to be handled differently — latex paint and oil based paint.

Latex paint: Latex paint is a water-based paint. If you need to dispose of a can of latex paint that is a quarter or less full, you can take the lid off and the paint will dry in a few days. You can then place the entire can in your trash.

For cans of latex paint that are more than a quarter full, you can either mix in kitty litter to help the paint dry or add a paint hardener to solidify the paint. Once solid, the paint can may be set out with your regular trash for collection.

Oil-based paint: Oil-based paint is hazardous because it is made with flammable and toxic constituents. Oil-based paint should not be thrown in your regular trash.

If you are simply overwhelmed with oil-based paint, the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority holds a household hazardous waste collection each spring and will accept all of your oil-based paint at this event free of charge. If you are unable to wait for the annual household hazardous waste collection event, please call our office at 238-7005 for alternative options.

In addition, there is a whole section of our website dedicated to proper paint disposal.

Visit for additional information.

Empty paint cans: If you have used all of your paint and are left with empty paint cans, these cans may be recycled. Place your empty paint can in your curbside recycling bin and our collection crew will accept it for recycling. In addition, we also accept empty aerosol cans for recycling.

Remember, there may be reuse options to paint disposal.

Call your local church, school, community organization or theater group. They may accept donations of old paint for projects.

If you have additional questions about tires or paint, please contact me at

As always, thank you for recycling.