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Healthy Nutrition | You are what you eat

The food we eat becomes our bone, muscle, tissue, blood. We literally become what we eat. This is one of myriad reasons why food choices are so important. Nutritious selections give us the best chance for creating strong, able bodies, while junk foods enable the creation of weak, easily broken frames.

Nutritious food choices include vegetables, fruits and water. Positive dietary selections should avoid sugar, wheat and processed foods. Following these basic guidelines nourishes your body and puts it on the path toward strength and vitality.

Why does this matter once development occurs? Every seven years, the body completely cycles and renews itself. Parents should heed this warning as their children develop. If a child’s diet consists of junk, their bodies will have no choice but to use that junk as raw material to physically build the growing body. Dietary lapses during maturation can lead to diseases, illnesses, allergies, and other issues of malformation and deficiency.

Fortunately, diets can change and problems can be remedied. The future can be brighter if we adhere to easy dietary guidelines. Simply eat real, whole foods and make smart eating choices, avoiding processed foods and sugar. More specific dietary guidelines can be recommended by a health coach or by another health care provider. If you or you family members are eating junk, make the change now. Your future self will thank you.