Good Life

Clergy Column by Charles Holland

Charles Holland
Charles Holland

We continue to rejoice in the great season of Christmas, that our Savior Jesus Christ came to earth to live with us, to bring his gospel, to minister to the poor and to the rich, to the sick and the whole and ultimately to give his life for all — every soul who has ever lived and will yet live. As he said, “I am the light of the world,” a light that gives hope, peace and healing.

It seems fitting that, every day now, the daylight increases. Here in State College, tomorrow will have about one minute longer of daylight than today. The following day will be even longer. Though almost imperceptible, day by day, the light will grow in both length and intensity. In three or four months, there will be a marked change compared to today.

For those who seek Jesus Christ, he promises that his deep love will light our lives. The light of truth, the light of life, the light of hope, the light of understanding will grow brighter in length and intensity as we follow that light. Like the sunlight, change in our own self over days and weeks may be imperceptible, but over months and years the change will be sure. Unlike the sunlight, which will begin to decline six months from now, the promise is that his light in us may grow brighter until the perfect day.

There is within us a natural striving at the new year beginning to seek for that change — in essence to find more light in our lives. An important part of the good news of the gospel is that we can change and indeed he frequently invites us to change. His invitation to repent is an invitation to change. The word “repent” means to think differently, to feel differently and act differently — to walk more fully in the light of truth.

If we are willing, our savior then surely heals and changes us from the inside out. His light cleanses and renews us, and gives us strength to move forward. Our circumstances might not change, but we can. It is one of the fundamental purposes of our lives here: to change, to learn, to serve God — it is the labor and opportunity of a lifetime. As we pause to consider our resolutions, let us seek his light to be healed and changed through it.