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LAST CHANCE | Bellefonte art exhibit is ‘Off the Wall’

“Wading in the Ghost River” by ZheKe-Art
“Wading in the Ghost River” by ZheKe-Art Photo provided

Three-dimensional art, relief and sculpture are the focus of the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association exhibit “Off the Wall.” The exhibit features works by Manya Goldstein, Anju Jolly, Mary Cady-Rubenstein and ZheKa-Art.

Some of Goldstein’s works may be considered modern artifacts. Panels are meticulously decorated with found objects including pencils, animal teeth and claws, buttons, shells, colored squares and other notions. Other pieces are based on bubbe-meise, an idea based on old wives tales.

Jolly uses mosaic to bring fragments of experiences together with the use of vibrant colors. The Indian-born artist is inspired by European mosaics of faith featuring curved lines and inlaid textures. “Flower” is on display in the exhibit.

Such as with “Woman,” Cady-Rubenstein scavenges wood, sometimes from near her home, and carves 3-D forms into the pieces. She etches a drawing into the wood then cuts with the grain, which she said constantly changes. Her works feature central Pennsylvania scenes mingled with Greek mythology and literary images.

“I try to find beauty in the most unusual places, opportunity among doom, touch the unseen, bring the opposites together, discover morals and treasures in obscure places,” ZheKa says.

The Gallery at the Gamble Mill, 160 Dunlop St., Bellefonte, host the association’s exhibits, which rotate throughout the year, and provide local artists a venue to display their work.

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