Good Life

Clergy Column: “For God so loved the world”

Here we are in Lent going through the wilderness with our dear Lord to the cross.

Have you slowed down from your Christmas rush and stopped to think what Christmas and Easter are really about? What is God all about, who is Jesus, and who is the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said to the Pharisees, “What is born of the Spirit is Spirit.” He was teaching them that we all have bodies that we and others can see, but that the spirit lives within in us, if we invite him in.

When we accept God as our savior and accept God’s love, his spirit will live within us; and even though we cannot see him, we can feel his wonderful presence and show his love to others.

The spirit causes our life to have such a beautiful meaning, and we feel God’s love growing within us. Just as the seeds in plants grow, God’s spirit grows in us and causes other people to receive his love by our actions. God is the source of all wonderful love. His son, Jesus, died on the cross for us.

Maybe it is hard to understand how God sent his son to die and arise again for us, but God loved us from the beginning of time and made us for a relationship with him. God sent his prophets to try to tell us, but we did not understand and maybe still do not. Finally he sent his son to live as a human and to show how much he loved us.

Jesus offered forgiveness to all who who believed in him and to others whom perhaps noone else would forgive. He healed the sick and loved everyone. This was hard for the authorities of that day, and they arranged a false trial and condemned him to death on the cross. He was crucified and placed in a sealed tomb, but he arose again and lives within our hearts.

As we remember again his death on the cross and his wonderful resurrection on Easter morning, let us give grateful thanks to God, as “God so loved the world that he gave is son to die for us” (John 3:16).

I pray that you ask the holy spirit to come live in your heart and show you the way. I pray God’s blessing on you.