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Actor Kristian Nairn gets medieval with DJ set

Kristian Nairn, who portrays the giant Hodor on “Game of Thrones,” will hold a Dj performance at Levels Nightclub on April 15.
Kristian Nairn, who portrays the giant Hodor on “Game of Thrones,” will hold a Dj performance at Levels Nightclub on April 15. Photo provided

I’ve been a DJ for approaching 20 years now,” said Kristian Nairn, DJ and actor best known for his portrayal of Hodor the gentle giant on HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series “Game of Thrones.” “I can’t really remember or imagine my life when I wasn’t one at this stage.”

Nairn will bring his eclectic “Rave of Thrones” to Levels Nightclub enxt week. He describes his music as “deep and dark with a bit of attitude and theater, and always with throbbing hypnotic beats.”

Music was in Nairn’s blood from a young age, even though none of his relatives shared his passion.

“No one else in my family was musical,” Nairn said. “It felt like a way to communicate how I was feeling.”

Audiences offer unique perspectives throughout the world, according to Nairn. He says that though concertgoers vary, they’re more alike than not.

“They do differ, but not wildly,” he said. “I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve had a great reaction pretty much wherever I’ve been so far. Some countries and cities get more into the theme than others, and some are more about partying.”

Nairn brings a diverse taste to his style. He blends diverse musical influences from Kate Bush to Bjork, Kraftwerk to The Cult, Eric Prydz to Danzig. While Nairn has been all over the world thanks to both his musical and acting careers, he’s never been to Happy Valley before.

“It’s my first time being outside an airport in Pennsylvania!” said Nairn. “(I) can’t wait to be there, however brief it might be.”

The success of Game of Thrones has affected Nairn’s life in a mostly positive way. His portrayal of Hodor has left a memorable stamp on fans of the show, and they have not been shy showing their affection.

“I would be lying if I said that it hadn’t,” said Nairn. “Over 99 percent of what has happened and continues to happen, is positive though. I admit, sometimes when on a long journey and you are sweaty, grotty and tired and you see a selfie stick coming in your direction ... well, you know. But, it’s all part of the job and normally people are super cool.”

While the show’s fame and acclaim has garnered Nairn positive attention, his experiences have not been without incident. Fans have been known to simply shout Nairn’s character’s name (and singular line), “Hodor!”

“It’s happened in various situations, (but) not as much as you would imagine though,” Nairn said. “Normally people are more keen to talk to you, to find out a bit more about you as a person. But yes. It’s definitely happened. In the supermarket, in the car.

Nairn believes that if you really to achieve your dreams in life, you need to be open to change.

“The normal advice you hear from everyone is ‘Don’t give up on your dreams,’ and I would agree with that,” he said. “But don’t be afraid to let your dreams evolve into something else. Sometimes the path you are meant to be on isn’t a straight path, so don’t be afraid to follow it. And, always try to be yourself.”