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Collection produces big numbers

This spring, two large collection events were held to help rid Centre County of unwanted waste.

The first event, Watershed Cleanup Day, saw about 400 volunteers remove unsightly and unhealthy trash from stream banks, roadsides, sinkholes and illegal dump sites.

Through the valiant efforts of the volunteers, over 47 tons of material was removed, helping to beautify our environment. ClearWater Conservancy has been sponsoring Watershed Cleanup Day since 1997. More than 2,900 tons of garbage has been removed from our land and waterways since then.

To assist the conservancy’s efforts, 10 employees from the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority volunteered their time to clean up an illegal dump site on Dale Road in Rush Township. In the span of three hours, the CCRRA group picked up 246 tires, 800 pounds of metal and a whole lot of trash to clean the Dale Road site of more than 5 tons of illegally dumped material.

Roughly 1,600 tires were picked up at various sites during Watershed Cleanup Day. Tires can pose a huge problem to our environment and should be recycled. All county residents have the option to bring tires to the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority for a minimal charge; $10 for the first 280 pounds (the average passenger car tire weighs about 22 pounds).

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

The second spring-time collection, the Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event, also proved a success. Folks from 1,070 households took advantage of this special collection at the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority.

Residents stopped by that weekend to properly dispose of old chemicals, pesticides, oil-based paint, mercury and mercury containing items, old CFL bulbs and all sorts of hazardous materials from their households. Approximately 57,000 pounds of material was collected during the 2-day event. Collection and disposal costs will be split between the authority’s Household Hazardous Waste Fund, the Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

If you missed the collection this spring, we are already planning a 2016 collection event. In the meantime, contact us at with any questions about refuse or recycling.

This Week in Benner, College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton Townships

A spring bulk waste collection will be held Monday through Thursday in Benner, College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton townships. Residents may place up to 10 tires at the curb. Appliances, scrap metal and electronics will also be collected separately from trash and recycled.

For more information on bulk waste collection in these Townships, please visit If you reside outside of these Townships, please contact your local municipality or trash hauler for bulk waste collection information.

Thanks to all who were able to participate in these helpful spring collections. And as always, thank you for recycling!