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Adventure is just up the road: Let our annual Road Trips guide show you the way

Get your copy of ‘A Guide to Getting Away’ in Monday’s paper

Online, you’ll find stories this week and next from our issue, “A Guide to Getting Away.” Want the complete 40-page book to take with you on your travels or to just read at your leisure? You’re in luck. It appears Monday in the print edition of the Centre Daily Times.

Among the many reasons my wife and I moved to Centre County last year was its proximity to so many things to see and do — all within three or four hours.

Unfortunately, we haven’t made it out of Centre County much at all, which isn’t a bad thing, given all the things to do and people to meet right here in Happy Valley.

Now that summer travel season is upon us, though, it’s finally time to explore. In fact, my sons (the Triple Bogeys) will be in town next week and we all plan to head down to Gettysburg.

Many of my newfound friends in Centre County have urged me to visit that hallowed ground, a little more than two hours from State College. My interest was further piqued recently while checking out a list of Top 25 American landmarks, as selected by Gettysburg led the list, as voted by readers, out-polling such icons as the Lincoln Memorial and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Many other entries on the list were within three to four hours of State College, including sites in New York City and the nation’s capital. Fallingwater, in Mill Run, also ranked high, at No. 19.

The point is, Centre County is at the center of an amazing part of the country, the perfect hub for road trips in every direction, near and far.

In our issue, “A Guide to Getting Away,” which appears Monday in the print edition of the Centre Daily Times and also online, we’ve branched out beyond Centre County and featured old and new attractions within relatively easy driving distance.

At least two of them I’ve been hearing about since I was a young boy.

Two key notches on my bucket list have been visits to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

CDT reporter Shawn Annarelli profiled both shrines for this year’s Road Trips guide.

Shawn interviewed Penn State great Franco Harris as part of his feature on the pro football hall. The Pittsburgh Steelers legend is one of six former Nittany Lion football players inducted at the hall in Canton, about three and a half hours away from University Park. The others are Jack Ham, Mike Michalske, Lenny Moore, Mike Munchak and Dave Robinson.

Shawn also interviewed the communications director at the Baseball Hall of Fame, who remembered visiting the Cooperstown museum when he was a boy. His reverence for the hall remains deep.

“I first visited when I was 12 years old, and the outside of the building looks very similar,” he said. “I was going to the mecca. I was in love with the game and sport and I still love it. Walking through the plaque gallery, that's an experience people won’t forget. It’s like walking in a cathedral. You feel something special in that room.”

I can’t wait to see it.

I’m also intrigued by the prospect of geocaching on the Allegheny GeoTrail and plain ol’ hiking (downhill if possible) on the Appalachian Trail, two experiences featured in stories by reporter Britney Milazzo.

Other topics in this year’s Road Trips include wellness and spirituality; historic sites; hot spots for skiing, hiking and camping; distillery, brewery and winery tours; music and entertainment; and much more

And after reading all that, I think you — like me — will be ready to hit the road.

Happy trails!