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Leave it all behind | Chocolate spa treatments make sweet vacation


Just the word is therapeutic. It conjures up images of sweet darkness, decadently velvety, a scent and flavor that makes everything seem just a little bit better.

Don’t you just wish you could sink into some chocolate and wrap that feeling all around you?

At The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, that amazing sensation is on the menu every day.

There is the Whipped Cocoa Bath, for those who have looked at a cup of hot chocolate and wished for one big enough to swim in. For 15 minutes, you can slip into this cocoa-y variation on the milk bath, a beauty treatment that was supposedly part of Cleopatra’s cosmetic arsenal.

The Chocolate Bean Polish can buff off dead skin cells using cocoa bean husks and walnut shell as exfoliants before you are slathered in a milk chocolaty moisturizer. A Chocolate Sugar Scrub is an even sweeter way to get smooth.

You can get a sense of just how a Hershey bar feels, enveloped in that foil and label, with an hour-long Chocolate Fondue Wrap.

There are chocolate massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, and if chocolate isn’t your thing, the stained glass retreat with garden views offers more invigorating or relaxing experiences.

There are Cuban treatments with tropical flowers, fruits and coffee. Rose Garden experiences incorporate the heady scents of Bulgarian roses with geraniums. The Country Abundance collection promises a land of milk and honey in relaxing spa treatments that blend those softening elements with fresh florals and herbs.

Treatments can start as low as $40 for a simple (but delicious) soak and climb over $200 for a combination experience like the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry or Coconut Immersion. Willing to invest more than three hours in a full-on pampering? The Chocolate Escape can top $400 and includes four different treatments, plus lunch.

If all of that sounds like something that would attract a lot of attention, you’re not wrong. The spa has been featured on many travel, and food, programs, as well as receiving accolades in print and online.

Conde Nast Traveler rated it one of the best spas in the country four different times between 2010-2013. Travel & Leisure readers rated it one of the 25 best in the country, and it made their World’s Best Spas list twice.

So if getting away from it all for you means a relaxing bath, a massage and some good chocolate, bring it all together in one sweet experience in Hershey.