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Ramped up recycling at summer events

Have you ever been out somewhere and purchased a drink in a plastic bottle or metal can only to find there is nowhere to recycle it? I don’t know about you, but my car is always filled with bottles and cans that couldn’t find a recycling home while I was out on the town.

It’s easy enough for me to lug the empty containers around and put them in my curbside recycling bin when I return home. However, I know most people are not as crazy as I. It is a good thing that some of our local event organizers have really stepped up their recycling efforts so a clean car just might be in my future!

I have highlighted a few summer events below where recycling bins will be plentiful.

4th Fest

4th Fest in State College is a fun event for everyone where food and drinks are plentiful. Both Penn State University and the 4th Fest Committee will have recycling bins set out around the 4th Fest grounds. Look for the blue recycling bins labeled for plastic bottles and metal cans. There is no need to toss those recyclables in a trash can when there is a recycling bin close by.

Arts Fest

If you have visited the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in the past, you may have noticed the recycling bins in place for plastic bottles and metal cans. State College Borough has local community members who worked with the Borough and the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority (CCRRA) to really ramp up recycling efforts at Arts Fest. Last year, the group known as “Fest Zero” increased recycling throughout the grounds at Arts Fest.

Arts Fest 2015 will again feature recycling bins for plastic bottles and metal cans located next to each trash can. In addition, there will be 26 locations to recycle lemonade cups. Compost bins to collect organic waste will be located throughout the area. Fest Zero has been working with the local food vendors to decrease the amount of polystyrenecontainers and cutlery available as well.

If you attend Arts Fest this year, be sure to recycle and compost anything and everything you can to help Fest Zero, the Borough and CCRRA to move Arts Fest toward a zero waste event.

Grange Fair

For the past few years the CCRRA has been working with the Grange Fair Committee to provide recycling for fair-goers. This year, Authority employees will place even more recycling bins for plastic bottles and metal cans throughout the midway and in between the tent and RV rows to make recycling at the fair convenient for all. While at the fair, be sure to look for recycling bins labeled for plastic and metal, and please use them.

In addition, cardboard recycling containers will be placed throughout so the vendors may recycle the many tons of cardboard they bring to the Grange Fair. Let’s all work together at the fair to recycle and keep recyclable items out of our landfills. Together we can do it!