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Meyer Dairy, Penn State Creamery face off for local ice cream supremacy

A cone of Peachy Paterno from the Penn State Berkey Creamery.
A cone of Peachy Paterno from the Penn State Berkey Creamery. CDT photo

People love ice cream — how and where they get that ice cream is the cone of contention.

For the past week, the CDT has conducted man-on-the-street interviews and rigorous taste tasting, along with an online poll to determine whether people favor the Meyer Dairy Store or the Penn State Berkey Creamery. Maybe you voted, maybe you didn’t, maybe you need just one more taste test.

Either way, the poll — which it’s worth noting has all the scientific merit of a “Cosmo” beauty quiz — garnered 2,669 responses. It was a tight race but when the dust settled there was one clear frontrunner:

Meyer Dairy. They had 1,376 votes to the Creamery’s 1,266.

“Their cookies and cream tastes like a bunch of cookies mushed together in butter, so I like that the best,” Penn State student Amy Harkins said.

A good point, but the Berkey Creamery isn’t without its admirers either.

Tony Kwasnica was enjoying a couple of scoops with his family when he voiced his preference for Penn State’s popular ice cream palace.

“I think it’s better ice cream. Just better overall ingredients, I think,” Kwasnica said.

In the end there was no right or wrong answer. When it comes to romance and dessert the heart wants what the heart wants.

It all melts the same, right?

Other opinions:

Jason Vishnefski, Penn State Class of 2015

“This is only my second time at Meyer’s Dairy but I prefer it already to the Creamery.”

Barry Fisher

“It’s convenient and we like the personal service and we know Mr. Meyer and we think it’s a good family business.”

Miranda Holmes, junior at Penn State

“It’s close to campus and the arboretum so it’s fun to walk around and eat ice cream and hang out with friends.”

Aliyah Saunders, senior at Penn State

“I like the Creamery just because the flavors seem richer and I guess it tastes better.”

Eli Rushton

“I don’t know!”