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Extras needed for Clearfield County film shoot

It’s always better to have attainable goals in life — and for area residents, that should include appearing in a major motion picture.

The production team behind “Generational Sins” is looking for a few fresh faces to round out the background of their Clearfield County-based drama.

To save you the trouble of having your people call their people, we’ve included the particulars in a handy fact box, but for now it may behoove you to know a little more about the project — and the director — to which you’ll be lending your creative juices.

“Generational Sins” tells the story of two brothers played by Daniel MacPherson (“Neighbours,” “The Shannara Chronicles”) and Dax Spanogle (“Kings of Debauchery”). The estranged duo return to Clearfield to honor their late mother’s dying wish that they make peace with their alcoholic father.

Once again, this is a drama.

For director Spencer Folmar, this project quite literally was like coming home. Although he’s spent the past several years plying his trade in Los Angeles, Folmar is a graduate of the West Branch Area School District.

“I love this area, and it’s great to be home,” Folmar said.

This is the second film that Folmar has produced in Clearfield County. The first, “Guilt and Sentence,” premiered at the Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg in 2010.

The director seems to have found his muse in central Pennsylvania, a place far less jaded to the realities of the film industry than the star-struck streets of Tinsel Town.

Folmar said that the production has been welcomed into local homes and businesses with shooting schedules that can sometimes stretch as long as 15 hours per day.

“It’s almost a character, this place. There’s a character, a texture here that you couldn’t get on a sound stage,” Folmar said.

Texture is important when you’re making a film that deals heavily in the past. Yes, central Pennsylvania is full of rolling landscapes and clear blue skies — but it also has old barns and weather-worn houses. There’s a sense that things have happened here.

“Because this place has so much history and this film is about history it delves into it so much more,” Folmar said.

MacPherson accompanied Folmar to Clearfield and spent the two days before the rest of cast and crew arrived touring the environment that spawned his character.

Aside from gaining a solid foothold on the psychology of his character, MacPherson has been impressed by the warm reception that the production has received from locals.

“A garbage truck stopped so that we could finish our scene at 1 in the morning,” MacPherson said.

Folmar hopes to have “Generational Sins” completed in time for December release, including screenings around Clearfield County so that residents can catch some familiar locales — and maybe even their own faces — up on the big screen.

“It’s exciting to bring some that opportunity and excitement as a local town,” Folmar said

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Extras are needed on the following dates:

▪ 7-11:30 p.m. on Monday at Super 322 Drive-In, 1682 Woodland Bigler Highway, Woodland

▪ noon-10 p.m. on Friday JC’s Bar and Grill, 4199 Kylertown Drifting Highway, Morrisdale