Teaching kids about financial giving

In thinking about children and money, many parents say they want to teach appreciation and giving as a substantial part of the lessons.  Currently, popular writers on the topic of financial planning are giving this subject much press.


• Think about your own giving attitudes and habits.  Do you give spontaneously, or in a budgeted, deliberate way? What was the culture of giving like growing up in your household? Writing down a short list of your thoughts may help you clarify them.

• Work together as parents (whether you live together or not) to decide what you want to actively teach your children about money and giving.

• Let your child know about the charities and causes you support and why you support them. Tie in a site visit to actually see what s/he might be investing in (e.g. the local YMCA, or Red Cross, or the Shaver’s Creek Raptor Center, if that’s what s/he and you are considering)…..or visit a program you support (one of the programs at your church, for example), and you may be able to better explain how the money helps, and why it’s important.

• As this holiday season approaches, take advantage of the many opportunities to DEMONSTRATE to your child how you actually fulfill your beliefs about giving, with your actions. For example, questions about the bell ringers at Christmas time could lead to a good conversation about helping others Then, talk about how to do this year-round.

The local fathering effort, in cooperation with the National Center for Fathering, provides bi-weekly action ideas to stimulate conversation between fathers and parents.

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