Point out beauty to your children

A few Mondays ago the Centre Daily Times published a photo of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Reggie Brown getting hit at the goal line, stopped just short of scoring the tying touchdown as time ran out.

The picture was stunningly beautiful (except to Eagles fans), and I enjoyed sharing it with the kids. Both the play itself, and the finished product created by the photographer, were beautiful to me because of their ability to evoke an emotional response.

Given all the negatives around us, finding the beauty in things and people and situations can be a great undertaking.


• Many current dads probably come from the generation in which their fathers didn’t talk about “beauty” in this manner – are you one of those dads?  Did your father point out or share what he thought “beautiful”?

• Are there ways you can share the arts with your children? Encourage them to appreciate music, painting, sketching, writing, photography, dance, acting, and so on. If feasible time- and money-wise, consider offering your child lessons, or connecting them to someone skilled in the arts.

• Confucius said, “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” Challenge your children to “see the beauty” in everything – from how a bike wheel was engineered, to a beautifully designed play in basketball, to a thoughtful gesture or deed that someone did. Think about being action-oriented in pointing out beauty – however you define it – to your children.

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