Cooking with your kids

My middle son and I have come to really enjoy cooking together — especially coming up with secret sauces for grilling pork tenderloin. Taking a hint from my friend on this recipe, which is based around barbecue sauce, we include just about anything we can find in the fridge.

The last time we made the sauce, it had 24 ingredients, including honey, Tabasco, Kikkoman, and orange juice. We had a great time having everyone else try to guess the ingredients…..which of course I cannot share!


• Think about your childhood. Did you ever cook with your father? How about with your mother? If so, was it occasional, or regular? Did he or she have any special recipes or favorite things to make?

• If you don’t already have a specialty, can you find one? Is there a family recipe you can develop and then “pass on” to your kids?

• Especially with younger kids, think about little touches you can do in food preparation to make mealtime more fun. Draw a picture with the frosting on the toaster strudel, or cut the PBJ into the shape of an animal.

• Try being a teacher. When old enough, teach your children various parts of cooking, from cracking an egg, to lighting a grill, to baking a cake. Model for them the importance for everyone – even men – to be able to cook.

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