Dug the dog speaks!

Dug with the "cone-of-silence"
Dug with the "cone-of-silence" Disney/Pixar

Last summer, moviegoers joined a 78-year-old grouch and a cheerful 8-year-old stowaway on a high-flying adventure in Disney/Pixar’s “Up.” Now, audiences can relive the journey with the release of the animated tale on DVD.

“Up” tells the story of Carl Fredricksen, a retired balloon salesman, and a young boy named Russell who embark on a wild adventure through the rugged jungles of Venezuela. The two meet some interesting characters along the way including a giant bird, a crazed explorer and a talking dog named Dug. The lovable canine steals the show with his simple observations and unwavering joy. He remains in good spirits even when the other dogs in his pack, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, bark at him.

It’s Dug who has the last yap, though, as we see in “Dug’s Special Mission.” The short film is one of many extras included on the DVD. Time for Kids spoke to the chatty pooch about his new starring role and his fascination with squirrels.

TFK: What is your new short film, “Dug’s Special Mission,” about?

DUG: I am in a short film? What is a short film? Oh, my Special Mission! It is about my happiest day and my hardest day being on the same day.

TFK: What’s it like being the star of your own movie?

DUG: Do you mean a star like the small white tennis balls over my head in the nighttime? I would like being one of those if I could be just me after that. If there is a different kind of “being a star,” I hope it means that I get a scratch behind my left ear many times!

TFK: What were you up to before you encountered Carl and Russell?

DUG: I was out on my Special Mission, looking for the bird for my master. He made me a collar so that I may talk — SQUIRREL!

TFK: Now that you live in California with Carl, do you ever miss running around the jungle?

DUG: Oh, no. I went on a bridge that was Golden, and saw many tall, tall trees. I like trees. I am a dog. Trees are good.

TFK: How many languages are programmed into your collar? Do you change it up from time to time?

DUG: There are many ways that I can talk with the collar that my old master made! I only change my talking when I know a human will understand my collar talk. Why do humans talk in so many different ways? I was asking my master that the other — SQUIRREL!

TFK: Speaking of squirrels, why do dogs like to chase them so much?

DUG: Why must you ask me a thing about these squirrels? You must chase the squirrels, too, do you not? Who does not bark and run and chase the squirrels? Haw! A silly question.

TFK: Aside from chasing squirrels, what’s your favorite pastime?

DUG: I like to curl up and take a nap in the light of the large yellow tennis ball and dream about taking an even longer nap!

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