Actors journey to 'Planet 51'

Sony Pictures 'Planet 51' is in theaters now.
Sony Pictures 'Planet 51' is in theaters now.

Prepare to blast off on an out-of-this-world adventure with Sony Pictures’ “Planet 51,” in theaters now. On Planet 51, there are all kinds of bizarre creatures — well, at least to Earthlings. For the little green aliens who call this unusual place home, it’s humans who are the aliens. So, when American astronaut Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker lands on their fair planet, they panic!

The arrogant but charming Chuck must find his spacecraft and get back to Earth before he becomes a permanent exhibit in the Planet 51 Alien Space Invaders Museum. Luckily, he gets some help from Lem, a Planet 51 teen who never believed in aliens before, and from Rover, the astronaut’s robot companion.

Lem also convinces his own friends to help. There’s Skiff, Lem’s quirky, alien-believing friend; the independent and stubborn Neera and the positive and chipper Eckle. They’re willing to put almost everything on the line to help Chuck and to prove to their own kind that an alien doesn’t have to be dangerous just because it’s unknown. But will they be able to get Chuck home before General Grawl and the evil Professor Kipple capture him for observation?

Actors Jessica Biel, Justin Long and Dwayne Johnson — who voice Neera, Lem and Chuck — recently chatted with reporters about the movie at an event at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Calif.

Does Johnson think that there are intelligent life forms on other planets?

“I definitely do,” he says.

So do his co-stars, who also say they would like to visit Planet 51 if it actually existed. In the movie, inhabitants of Planet 51 live in a time that is very much like cheerful 1950s America. Biel says that appeals to her.

“I’d like to go to a place where it’s like the 1950s, because of how innocent the time was,” the actress told reporters.

All three stars say it was hard to create their characters when they couldn’t see the finished animation beforehand. Still, they are happy with the finished product. “It’s a good family movie that everyone will be able to relate to,” Long says.

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