Advice to a new father

My wife and I found out a few weeks ago that we are going to be grandparents. We are thrilled, and are already planning the visits! My son is also very excited about becoming a father — and, I fear, somewhat naïve about what fatherhood entails.

I was the same way. Twenty six years ago I was sure I understood what it meant to be a father, after all, I was writing my dissertation on families and children! Then I looked down on my sleeping son on his first day home from the hospital. I remember feeling overwhelmed: what had I gotten myself into? I didn’t know the first thing about babies or being a father!!

Now I am pondering what advice I can give to my son, who in a few short months will begin the lifelong journey of fatherhood.

There is a lot of advice written for new fathers on what to buy, how to act, and what you should know about infants. Most of this is helpful, but I would suggest three things for my son, or any new father, to keep in mind:


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