Cooking with kids: Strawberry spinach salad

Fresh strawberries and spinach make this a tasty and attractive salad. Enjoy.


6 ounce package spinach leaves or about 2 bunches

1 pint strawberries or about 2 cups sliced


2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon sesame seeds

1½ teaspoon poppy seeds

¼ teaspoon minced onions

1/8 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce

1/8 teaspoon paprika

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon cider vinegar


Remember to wash your hands and to clean your work surface. Make sure there’s an adult in the kitchen.

1. Wash spinach leaves and strawberries in clear water and drain well.

2. Remove stems from spinach leaves, tear into bite-size pieces and place in a large bowl.

3. Remove stems, slice strawberries and add to spinach. Cover and chill until serving time.

4. Whisk the salad dressing in a small bowl (combine sugar, seeds, onions, Worchestershire sauce and paprika, then whisk vinegar and then oil) or add all ingredients into a small jar with tight lid and shake. Chill the dressing.

5. Toss spinach and strawberries with dressing and serve.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 cup, 6 servings per recipe

Per serving: Calories: 94; total fat: 6 g; saturated fat: 1 g; cholesterol: 0 mg; sodium: 28 mg; carbohydrates: 10g; dietary fiber: 2 g; protein: 2 g.