Cooking with kids: Strawberry banana smoothie

Have you tried making smoothies at home? Here’s one that has proved to be quite popular by people of all ages.


1 cup strawberry, halved

2 bananas

1½ cup kale or spinach leaves (remove any tough stems)

½ cup cold water

12 ice cubes

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed


Remember to wash your hands before cooking and to clean your work surface. Make sure there’s an adult in the kitchen before preparing the recipe.

1. Add all ingredients to blender.

2. Blend until smooth (make sure the lid is firmly in place).

Nutrition Facts

2 servings per recipe

Per serving: calories: 154; total fat: 1.5 g; saturated fat: 0 g; cholesterol: 0 mg; Sodium: 21mg; carbohydrates: 35 g; dietary fiber: 6 g; protein: 3 g.