Fathering: Being thankful for your kids

This Thanksgiving was special for us because we had nearly a complete set of our kids, their spouses or significant others and our grandchildren. Being with my children prompted me to reflect not only on how much they have changed since they grew into adulthood, but how much they have changed me.

The saying “the child is the father of the man” certainly applies to me. As fathers, our focus, rightly so, is mostly on what we can do to raise our children “in the way they should go.” However, our children are also raising us. The question we need to ponder is: Are our children “raising us” for the better?


▪ It is easy to list what we can’t do anymore since we became fathers. Instead, take a minute and consider how your children have shaped, molded and, yes, improved you.

▪ What are some areas that “need work” as you grow as a father?

▪ Take time to tell your kids how they have raised you “in the way you should go.”

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