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Holiday season is time to be thankful for nonprofit

Around the holidays, I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for working at a local nonprofit. At Centre County Housing and Land Trust, we are grateful for five hardworking partner organizations, 11 volunteers on our board of directors and 14 homes that will stay permanently affordable with our stewardship. Two of those homes are brand new and ready to welcome their owners. We benefit from abundantly generous donors who faithfully give each year — and even each month — and community members who give their time, as many hands make light work.

This joyful time of year inspires us to serve and share our talents and gifts with others. That holiday spirit is so important to the nonprofits of our community. We exist to serve you, to better your community and make a difference. Without you, our vital work in the community would not be possible.

As the executive director of CCHLT, I want to extend a special thank you to our current board of directors: Adam Brumbaugh, Brodie Dalton, Lam Hood, Andrea Harman, Darren Johnston, George Khoury, Dave Richards, Tim Schoonover, Ray Stolinas and Mary Wilson. They sacrificially give their time and energy to serve you and your community and make my work a joy to strengthen our community through the development and stewardship of permanently affordable homes for people with low to moderate incomes.

At the end of 2016, we will be saying goodbye to George Khoury and Tim Schoonover on the board of directors at CCHLT. Both men have reached their term limit of serving for nine continuous years since CCHLT’s founding in 2007. Their leadership and contributions to CCHLT have been invaluable as the organization has grown and continues to grow from its beginning. Serving on the board of directors at CCHLT for nine years also speaks to their commitment and dedication to affordable housing in Centre County. As Khoury has said, “a healthy community provides housing that is affordable to people at all income levels.”

I have been honored to work under their leadership and look forward to continue working together. I know there will always be a place for them to serve on a committee or volunteer at a special event. Please consider how you are investing in your community, and follow the example set by Khoury and Schoonover to find your niche and serve well with dedication.

If you are seeking an opportunity to give back, please contact me today at You are a valuable person; join in to share that value with someone else through volunteering to provide a stable, healthy home.

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Rachel Fawcett is executive director of the Centre County Housing and Land Trust (CCHLT) and Chair of the Centre County Affordable Housing Coalition. Email her at