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Carnival aims to bring awareness to child abuse in Centre County

For the past three years, CenClear has taken many steps to bring awareness to the child abuse problem in the service areas of Clearfield and Centre counties. One of those steps is an annual carnival, which will be held this year on April 28, marking the end of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Last year, CenClear provided resources and information to families and community individuals about what child abuse looks like in our community and what we, as parents and community members, can do to help prevent child abuse across the state.

The number of carnival attendees has continued to increase — from 105 in 2015 to 120 last year. The National Child Abuse Prevention Carnival for 2018 will again bring the latest up-to-date positive discipline techniques to families in the communities in which we service. The carnival is funded and hosted by CenClear, with the collaboration of 10 to 20 other community agencies. This allows for many different agencies to show their support for reducing the number of initial ChildLine reports while making efforts to wipe out repeat calls and end child abuse in our area.

In the past three years that the carnival has taken place, there has been a drop in the number of ChildLine reports within CenClear by an estimated 10 percent. On Saturday, April 28th, CenClear, along with numerous other agencies, will once again come together to continue to bring awareness to the families and the communities that we serve the real problems surrounding child abuse and what can be done to wipe it out.

If you see child abuse happening, please call your local law enforcement agency by dialing 911 or by calling ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313.

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