Bear Sighting: Previous Comments

Great pictures!! That cool dip in the water looks just like what he needed on a hot day like yesterday :-)

I bet that's Yogi! He walks through the woods next to my house all the time. Scared to death of dogs. One bark from mine and he's gone. He can really move.L

Lemont is lovely this time of year. The bear needed a little R n R. nj crimefighter

8 years in PA, hiking all the time, and I still haven't seen a bear in the wild! Matt

He was just hot and needed a dip in the crick!!! What a big boy! Allison M.

We had a bear siting this morning (Tuesday) behind our building at Physical Plant, behind Beaver Stadium. It was around 6:00 a.m. - a BIG bear. University Police responded, and he ran up over the hill - hope he found a cool place to hide!

A reminder please to NOT feed the bears and keep your trash secure. Once the bears loose their fear of us, they are not soo cute. Amanda

wish there were no hunting the black bear. Will our constant building, and taking away both bear and deer areas doom them like the polar bears as they loose their habitat?