Simply Amazing

Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it. Pick the '7 Wonders of Centre County;' and send us your selections. That's it; just like the lists made for Pennsylvania, the United States and the world. We want our local Grand Canyon, our homegrown Machu Picchu, our own Taj Mahal. Shouldn't be rocket science.

Surely, we all can agree that Beaver Stadium is one of the county's seven wonders. We can't? Hmm, this might be hard after all. How about the Grange Encampment and Fair? Or Penn's Cave? Did someone mention the Round Barn? Victorian Bellefonte, anyone?

It'll be a wonder if we can limit ourselves to seven.

Anyway, we're going to try, and it's up to you. We need you to sift through the county's treasures for the most sparkling gems. There will be hard choices, no doubt. Flip a coin, catch a tiger by the toe, do whatever works to winnow the field. We're confident you're up to the task. On our end, we'll count the votes submitted during the next month and announce the super seven this fall. So, what's your pleasure?

Maybe you'll go for the classic landmarks; Mount Nittany, Old Main, the Centre County Courthouse, the Nittany Lion statue.

Perhaps your heart lies more with historical buildings such as the Reynolds Mansion, Centre Furnace Mansion and Bush Arcade, to name a few.

Then again, the arts might be the ticket. Will the Rowland Theatre make the cut? The Garman? Schwab Auditorium? State Theatre? We'll be on the edge of our seats.

Towns are fair game also, but let's not forget about fairs and festivals; plenty there to consider; or Mother Nature. She might sulk if left out, and that's never good. Fortunately, she offers a wealth of state parks, creeks and other compelling candidates.

Just to show how wide open this is, even food qualifies. Creamery cones and grilled stickies are wonderful, but are they truly wonders? Only you know.

And who says a wonder has to be a thing? Not us. No names here, but the county certainly doesn't lack dynamic, admirable people. Go ahead and submit someone (just not Wonder Woman, please). Don't worry: We never reveal our sources.

You're even free to suggest a region such as Brush Valley or the Mountaintop. It's your call. You've got up to seven wonders; where you find them is your business. Give it some thought. Ask around. Then jot your nominations on the coupon at left or send them We're wondering what you'll choose.

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