Details of the Austin Scott case

Suspended Penn State tailback Austin Scott, of Allentown, is accused of raping and punching a 22- year-old fellow student Oct. 5 inside his Nittany Apartments bedroom on campus after the two met at a downtown State College bar, according to testimony and police.



During 90 minutes on the witness stand, the alleged victim offers graphic testimony of the encounter. "I started to say the word "no" when he hit me," she says.


Scott says the encounter was consensual and pleads not guilty at Wednesday's hearing. Attorney John Karoly Jr. says the accuser has a “troubled past,” but doesn’t elaborate. He says he is so confident of his client’s innocence he will not consider a plea bargain.

Karoly also attacks prosecutors for pursuing the case, drawing parallels between the Scott case and the Duke University lacrosse case.

“You simply can’t, as cavalierly as you have here, against all common sense ... bring serious charges like this against an individual simply because he will gain a lot of media attention,” Karoly says.


District Judge Daniel Hoffman orders Scott to stand trial on felony rape and sexual assault charges. He also upholds several misdemeanor charges, but prosecutors withdraw two felony charges of aggravated indecent assault because of a lack of evidence.

Scott will remain in school. Karoly says he hopes coach Joe Paterno will reconsider his decision to suspend Scott while he awaits trial.