Paternoville gets some special visitors

Add "pizza delivery man" to Joe Paterno's lengthy resume.

Penn State's 80-year-old head coach got the rock-star treatment Thursday from sweatshirt-wearing students camped out in front of Beaver Stadium to get prime seats for Saturday's night's game against top-ranked Ohio State.

"Who's paying for this?" he joked after more than 20 pies were wheeled out on a dolly to "Paternoville" to feed hungry students.

"I want to give him a hug," one female student yelled from the crowd after Paterno and his wife, Sue, dished out slices.

Students started camping out just after midnight Tuesday, braving intermittent rain this week.

"I'm a little bit embarrassed with the Paternoville thing," said JoePa, in his NCAA record 42nd season as head coach. "I think the story is the kids have so much enthusiasm for each other, they bond together, have an experience they'll always remember."

Paterno hung around for about 20 minutes, wandering among the tents and shaking hands with fans. It was back to practice later in the afternoon.

"I just hope we can play well," he said. "Have a little fun, everyone behave Saturday and nobody get in trouble."