Small plane makes safe emergency landing at University Park airport

No one was injured when a small commercial plane was forced to make an emergency landing Monday afternoon at University Park Airport.

Penn State officials said US Airways Express Flight 3564 was traveling from Buffalo, N.Y., to Philadelphia when an indicator light on the cockpit control panel came on and smoke was seen outside the plane.

University Park Airport Director Bryan Rodgers said smoke originated in the plane’s lavatory and was likely caused by an electrical issue.

There were six people on board — five crew members and one passenger. All made it off the plane safely.

“It’s a day in the life of an airport,” Rodgers said. “It’s something our aircraft rescue and firefighting crew is trained for.”

The flight tower received a distress call from the 50-seat plane at about 2:30 p.m. It safely landed at the airport within a few minutes.

“We had advanced notice,” Rodgers said. “We had our equipment staged at appropriate locations.”

Originally scheduled for departure at 5:30 a.m., the plane didn’t take off until 1:55 p.m. due to delays, according to the US Airways website.

Rodgers said another flight likely would be booked for the one passenger. The plane, meanwhile, is being inspected for malfunctions, he said.