Rally for Resignations draws modest crowd

In the shadow of Beaver Stadium just hours before Penn State’s game against Ohio State, more than 100 alumni gathered to show they still disapprove of the university’s board of trustees.

Rally for Resignations 2.0 drew a crowd outside the Intramural Building and organizer David Mullaly said they are angry and will stay that way until change comes to the university administration and board of trustees.

“I genuinely talked to 300 alums,” he said, adding that they were randomly selected. “Virtually all of them were furious.”

Mullaly and the organizers feel as if the board mishandled the events following the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal including the Louis Freeh report and the unprecedented sanctions against the football team.

Several speakers took the microphone to address the crowd, most notably trustee Anthony Lubrano.

Lubrano took questions from the audience and stressed patience above all else.

He assured them that the board is hearing their voices of dissent but change will not happen as quickly as some would like.

“No one wants to do something more than me,” he told them. “You just have to be patient.”

Many attendees donned Joe Paterno attire, and one man carried a cutout of the late former football coach, but Mullaly said after the rally that they are focused on the future and Paterno is not the focus of the group.

“Many people were here for Joe Paterno and I get that, but that’s not us,” he said.

Mullaly said he was hoping for a larger crowd, calling the turnout “mediocre,” but said there is a huge angry alumni base that they will continue to try to tap into.

He added that he and the other organizers are unimportant and the focus is the alumni base and the university.

Though there are no concrete plans for other organized events, Mullaly said he hopes to have another event in the next month.