State College apartment building evacuated

STATE COLLEGE — One of the biggest downtown apartment buildings was evacuated early tonight after heavy black smoke began pouring out of an air conditioning unit in an eighth-floor apartment.

Residents of the 12-floor Penn Tower at 255 E. Beaver Ave., watched from the curb outside Canyon Pizza as firefighters put out the blaze, which started in Apartment 802, police and firefighters said.

Penn State junior Benjamin DeThomas, 20, said he walked into his bedroom, turned on the air conditioning unit and smoke started pouring out.

“It was pouring out of the air conditioning,” he said. “The whole room filled up with black smoke and i couldn’t find my shoes or anything.”

State College police ordered residents to evacuate the building and had not allowed them to return as of 7:30 p.m.

Look for more information in Sunday’s Centre Daily Times.