Woman who had throat slashed on bike trail filed for protection

A Penn State graduate student who had her throat cut last week on a popular bike trail filed for a protection from abuse order just days after the attack.

Officials in the Centre County Courthouse confirmed that the woman filed for an emergency protection from abuse order Friday against her ex-husband and then filed for a temporary protection order Monday. Both orders were granted.

In her application for the temporary protection order, the woman identified herself as the victim of the bike trail attack that occurred in broad daylight Dec. 12.

She said the attack came hours after a custody dispute didn’t go her ex-husband’s way, leaving her concerned for her safety and the safety of her child, according to the documents obtained by WJAC-TV.

According to online court documents, the woman had asked the court to amend a custody agreement. The man retained supervised visitation rights, according to the documents.

Police have not identified the woman’s ex-husband as a suspect in the trail attack and have not indicated that her decision to file for a protection from abuse order implicates the man in any way.

The woman, whom police have only described as a 40-year-old Penn State graduate student, reportedly did not know her attacker. She was able to fend the man off after biting his hand.

The CDT is not identifying the victim for concern over her safety.

The attacker eluded a large-scale police response in the hours after the attack and remains at large.

An investigation into the assault and a search for the suspect continue.

Anyone with information should contact Penn State police at 863-1111 or Centre County Crime Stoppers at 877-99-CRIME. Anonymous tips can be submitted at /witness/.