Two Patton Township supervisors plan another run

Elliot Abrams and Josh Troxell are at opposite ends of the service spectrum on the Board of Supervisors — Abrams is in his 30th year and Troxell his sixth — and neither is ready to quit just yet.

The seats Abrams, 65 and Troxell, 37, hold are up for re-election this year, and both hope to maintain their places on the board. Abrams will run as a Democrat and Troxell as a Republican. As of Tuesday, no one else had filed petitions to run for the Patton seats in the May 21 primary election. Would-be candidates have until next Tuesday to file with the county elections office.

Abrams, a senior vice president and chief forecaster for AccuWeather, took a two-year break from the board in the 1990s, when he thought he had served enough time. But he returned and has served since.

“I’m just interested in it, and like to help out,” he said. “I think the Centre Region has run fairly smoothly, and our township has had success. I think it’s important for people who live in the township to have someplace they can go to have their concerns aired, and people will patiently listen to them.”

To that end, Abrams, the current board chairman, always asks a few times at the start of meetings for public comment, or if anyone is “thinking about” making a comment.

Troxell is finishing his first term on the board and said there always will be more to do. He ran the first time on the issues of unity, accountability and accessibility, and plans to continue that.

“One of the things I like about the Patton Township board is the unity issue,” he said. “We work to get consensus and bring people in.”

Troxell said he serves because he enjoys it and will continue to do so if people are happy with his work in the township. He’s finishing his master’s degree in Homeland Security and public health preparedness and recently took a job with Penn State’s Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Ongoing issues in Patton Township include finding funding for construction to increase capacity on the Waddle Road bridge and Interstate 99/U.S. Route 322 interchange, as well as the regional issue of student housing and countywide issue of affordable housing for all.