Second Mile gets OK from judge to transfer funds to Arrow

A judge has ruled that The Second Mile can transfer $200,000 to a Texas-based ministry so its programs for at-risk youth can continue.

The decision allows the charity, founded by Jerry Sandusky and ruined by its association with the convicted pedophile, to send Arrow Family and Child Ministries money, equipment and intellectual property, including three programs for children: Friend, Friend Fitness and Leadership Institute.

Arrow will assume operation of some of the programs developed by The Second Mile starting May 1, officials with the ministry said Tuesday.

Out-of-county Judge William Morgan said in a ruling filed Monday that the transfer “will permit programs to continue that are of immense benefit to children and their families,” while having little effect on pending civil suits from Sandusky’s victims.

The Second Mile sought court approval last year to transfer $2.5 million to Arrow, but several of Sandusky’s victims objected and the transfer was put on hold. It was a revised transfer arrangement that the judge approved Monday.

Morgan said in his decision that the amount being sent to Arrow is less than 5 percent of The Second Mile’s total assets and that there were no objections to the proposed transfer.

The charity’s endowment would be kept in its existing investment account until the victims’ claims are resolved.

“On behalf of all the kids and families we serve, we are pleased that the court approved the transfer of these programs,” Dave Woodle, CEO of The Second Mile, said in a prepared statement.

“We also appreciate the cooperation of both the Attorney General’s Office and the attorneys for the claimants who supported this service-sustaining transfer,” Woodle said. “We have confidence that Arrow will successfully continue and grow the much needed services and programs for children and youth throughout (Pennsylvania).”