More than $1 million in impact fee money to be distributed throughout the county

Centre County will be receiving $1.26 million in Marcellus Shale Impact Fee money this year between county government and the various municipalities, state Sen. Jake Corman, R-Benner Township, said.

More than $500,000 will be going directly into the county government’s fund, a decrease of about $130,000 from last year.

Although Commissioner Chris Exarchos said more would be better, the money will come in handy in balancing the budget. He added that the county is grateful for the state money.

“It is a good chunk of money. Half a million dollars is nothing to sneeze at,” he said. “It helps us for stalling tax increases and offsetting cuts or flat funding that we received in other human service programs.”

The Act 13 funding must be used in strict parameters, mostly focusing on areas of the county that are affected by the shale drilling in some way.

The funding was largely used in 911 and emergency management needs in the last budget, but that frees up other money to be used as a stopgap in other departments like Mental Health or Children and Youth Services.

Corman, who supported the legislation, is happy with the amount of money generated and the potential uses for counties.

“This funding will help to protect our environment, promote public safety and improve our roads and bridges,” Corman said in a news release. “I’m pleased that this growing industry is generating both jobs and additional revenue for our area.”