Little ones get to explore big trucks at State College event

Sidney Heintz’s favorite thing is trucks. Mack trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks and more. In fact, each Christmas, the 6-year-old gets a new Hess Truck from his father, Sid Heintz.

“It’s kind of a special collectible thing from father to son, I guess. Ever since he was really little, he had a fascination with them like most little boys do,” Heintz said. “We go here and get to spend a day doing something that lights him up. What kid won’t enjoy this?”

On Saturday afternoon, Centre Region Parks and Recreation hosted its 9th annual Touch-a-Truck event at the State College Area High School North Building. The event allowed children and their families to get an inside look at more than a dozen different trucks.

“They’ll see a truck on the road, but don’t get the chance to see it up close,” said Beth Lee, a supervisor for the recreation department. “This gives them the chance to be hands-on and interact with the people who operate them.”

Lee said the event features about 15 trucks, such as Centre Area Transportation Authority and school buses, fire trucks, construction vehicles and tow trucks from local municipalities and businesses.

Lee said about 500 people are attracted to Touch-a-Truck, an event she described as “family-friendly.”

“It’s the kind of event where children can now see a truck on the road and can identify it if it’s the kind of vehicle they have never seen before today,” Lee said.