AccuWeather takes stab at 45-day forecast

Autumn is on the horizon, but before the leaves change locals may be wondering what the weather holds the rest of the summer.

On Monday, AccuWeather officially launched the first-of-its-kind 45-day forecast.

Steve Smith, chief digital officer at AccuWeather, said forecasters and data analysts take information the weather information giant has acquired from multiple sources and came up with a daily forecast that predicts a region’s climate more than a month ahead of time.

“The next best thing would be to look in the almanac, but this is a more advanced and accurate way to see a weather outlook,” Smith said.

Smith said in January, AccuWeather initially launched a 30-day forecast. With positive public response, an AccuWeather team dedicated to predicting weather came up with a longer forecasting model.

“We’ve had this weather digital database for more than 20 years. We’re always pushing the envelope,” Smith said. “We’re building on things we discover and, to me, a 45-day forecast was the next step.”

When asked what the future holds for a longer forecast prediction, Smith said he could not answer that question, but said, “we’re happy with the 45-day forecast now” and added that AccuWeather has general seasonal forecasts, but not additional daily forecasts beyond 45 days.

AccuWeather initiated a longer term forecast after inquiries came in from the general public about an advanced weather outlook.

“This is something that can help the public plan their events and parties in advance,” Smith said. “This will help people plan something like parties, weddings or other activities. They can adjust their plans accordingly. Do we take this party inside or can we keep it outdoors?”

Smith said the information is constantly being updated to ensure accuracy, and shows weather trends.

“The first question we asked ourselves was how accurate is this? The value is looking at trends,” he said. “If we’re looking at the end of September and we call for rain three days in a row, we can likely predict there will be a storm.”

To see the 45-day forecast, visit Smith said there are forecasts for more than a million locations around the world.