Commissioner Chris Exarchos: Board could see Centre Crest lease agreement soon

The Board of Commissioners will vote on a Centre Crest lease agreement with the new nonprofit relatively soon, Commissioner Chris Exarchos said.

Exarchos held a meeting with the new management company, Complete Heathcare Resources, to look through the model lease and give feedback.

“If things go well, in the near future we should have a lease agreement on the agenda for approval,” he said.

Board Chairman Steve Dershem said his top priority with the lease talks is to remove any language that calls for rent payment. He said he is committed to working under a rent-free agreement to give the nonprofit a solid foundation at the beginning.

All three commissioners will have a chance to look through the document and make changes before any final vote takes place, Exarchos said. All negotiations and any changes that are made will be done in an executive session, he said.

“This document is going to bounce back and forth until everybody likes it,” he said.

Commissioner Michael Pipe, who voted against the change to a nonprofit, said he would like to see the contract posted to the county website at least a week before a vote will take place. He said he has accepted that change will ultimately take place, and his goal now is to make the process as transparent as possible.

Exarchos didn’t say he would commit to publishing it an entire week before a vote, but said it will be posted before action being taken.

The county and the nonprofit are still working through a timetable that would have the entire process completed by the beginning of November.