Enjoy the weather, but autumn’s not here just yet

It’s mid-August, and Centre County residents usually are talking about the Dog Days right about now.

The conversations in the markets, at the festivals and around the water coolers have been anything but. In fact, most people are talking about the F-word: fall, that is.

There’s no doubt that late July and into mid-August, temperatures have been below normal, with highs hanging in the low 70s, lows dipping even into the upper 40s and the humidity all but non-existent.

“We’re halfway through August, and we’re running 4 degrees below average — which is a lot,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Mark Paquette.

Paquette said the jet stream has curved upward into Canada, and what comes back down with it is cool, dry Canadian air.

“It’s been pretty stagnant — for almost a month or so,” he said.

That’s because the Bermuda ridge of high pressure — the dominant factor in summer warming — has moved westward, leaving a very stagnant area of high pressure there. Remember July? It was much closer then.

But does that mean fall is here? Well, don’t count on it.

School kids most likely will be heading back to classes in a couple of weeks still sporting shorts and T-shirts, he said.

“That warmer weather is going to be back again,” he said, “and possibly as early as next week.”

Average high temperatures for August are generally in the low 80s and the average lows are around the lower 60s, according to AccuWeather data. So far, the warmest days in August — 81 degrees on Aug. 8 and 12 — were about average. The lowest temperature was 48 degrees overnight on the 15th.