10-day story series, activities planned for young Grange fairgoers

The official return Thursday of the Grange Encampment and Fair also means the return of the Grange Fair Breakfast Serials, short daily stories for children that will appear in the Centre Daily Times.

The program for young readers is sponsored by Center for the Book, the Grange Fair Library and the CDT.

The serial story’s 10 chapters will be published daily throughout the fair, with related activities offered.

And each day, the library will offer a series of compelling activities to include fields trips to interesting areas of the grounds, workouts in the morning and chicken dances in the evening.

“I try to make learning good and fun,” said Grange Fair librarian J.A. Babay, who even hosts pajama reading parties for kids in their tents or campers.

“For me, it’s the funny bone,” she said. “If something’s not rocking my world, I really can’t inspire others.”

This year’s serial story is “Minnie and Moo in the Seven Wonders of the World,” written and illustrated by children’s author Denys Cazet, a former teacher and elementary school librarian.

This story features two of Cazet’s best-known characters, cow friends Minnie and Moo, who realize they must raise money to help Mr. and Mrs. Farmer avoid having to sell their farm.

The barnyard characters appear in a series of Cazet books, including “Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon” and the Halloween-themed “Minnie and Moo Meet Frankenswine.”

“These two cows are pretty weird, although I’m guessing there are weirder cows at the fair,” Babay said. “Of course, I’ve not actually met them all.”

The daily stories are provided by Breakfast Serials Inc.

“We celebrate learning,” Babay said. “You can laugh out loud and you can learn out loud.”