Grange Fair: Kids’ Day features traditional ice cream delight

An ice cream sundae before lunch is every child’s dream.

Youngsters — and sure, big kids, too — were scooping up a vanilla sundae topped with chocolate sauce, cherries and pineapples Monday as part of the traditional giant ice cream sundae event for children’s day at the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair.

Centre County’s reigning dairy princess, 17-year-old Halee Wasson, had the honor of topping off the donated 60 gallons of ice cream, and for about 30 minutes she hurriedly helped scoop, spoon and serve the sundaes to the crowd that gathered. She had help from a number of public officials.

“It’s a good way to cool down, and it’s a healthy treat,” said Wasson, a senior at State College Area High School, whose job as the dairy princess is to promote the dairy industry.

Addison and McKenzie Hilton, two of Louise Price’s 6-year-old triplet granddaughters, spooned a few bites of their sundaes, which had been darkened by the chocolate syrup and decided they had enough. The girls, who are from Naples, Fla., handed the sundaes to Price, who grew up in Howard and now lives in Sullivan Coutny.

The sundaes were donated by Sunset Ice Cream, of Williamsport, and the ice cream was dumped into two kiddie pools from which the serving took place.

County commissioners Steve Dershem and Michael Pipe helped man one of the sundae pools. State Sen. Jake Corman and Prothonotary Debra Immel were among the scoopers stationed at the other.

“We can’t be carrying you guys all morning,” said Dershem 15 minutes in, as he and his partner had scooped far more than Corman and Immel. “You better start some production. We started with twice as much ice cream as you guys, and we’re almost done.”

Twenty minutes in, the throng of children and their parents waiting for the treat had dwindled to a crowd that was just one or two people deep. And by now, as the ice cream sat in the sun, the sundaes got messier to scoop, and fingers got stickier.

Indeed, Dershem and Pipe’s crew finished scooping their sundae first, and they transferred the goopy remnants of the ice cream into the other one.

“It always makes for a good milkshake at the end,” said Candy Wasson, the mother of dairy princess Halee Wasson.

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