Monkey, trainer popular entertainment at Grange Fair

Six-year-old Brady Miller held out a quarter.

Django, a capuchin monkey, scooped it up and dropped it into a tin cup.

Now, hold out your hand, the monkey’s trainer, Jerry Brown, told him. He’ll give you five, the trainer said.

The monkey did, and he was 2 for 2 on tricks.

Now, hold still, the monkey will give you a kiss, the trainer said.

Not so fast. The boy shook his head and backed away.

The monkey-and-trainer antics played out on the midway during kids day on Monday at the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair.

Brown, of Lancaster, has been coming to the fair for the past several years, he said.

Earlier in the day, “The Monkey Man,” as Brown is noted on the Grange Fair schedule, serenaded Maryann Kadash with the song “Paddlin’ Madelin’ home,” strumming the tune on his ukelele.

Kadash, who attends Sunny Days Adult Daily Living in Pleasant Gap, also posed for a picture with the monkey.