Philipsburg-Osceola makes profit at Wallaceton-Boggs school contents auction

Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District has had what seems to be its first money-making auction.

Last week, the sale was held at the former Wallaceton-Boggs Elementary, which closed several years ago. The building’s contents were sold by State College area auctioneer Ron Gilligan, reversing a trend of losses the district has seen from other auctions.

According to Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Don Blake, the auction had gross sales of $31,000, with a net profit to the district of $24,500.

Blake has told the school board that past sales have resulted in very low turnout and few purchases, with the cost of advertising outweighing the proceeds. Those sales also had a large cost in man hours for Blake’s team in terms of organizing the event and getting rid of leftovers.

This time, however, “there are very few things left.”

The empty building is now ripe for unloading. The board would like to sell the property and approved an appraisal of its value earlier this summer. On Tuesday, the board granted Superintendent Gregg Paladina permission to retain a real estate agent to list the property.

Paladina wants to assemble a committee, including members of the board like building and grounds committee chairman Jim Verbeck, to consult on the decision.

“I really want someone with experience in both the Clearfield and State College markets,” said Paladina, who is a recent transplant from the Pittsburgh area. His real estate experience locally being limited, the superintendent said he would rather not have the choice rest solely on his shoulders.