Twins celebrate first birthday at Grange Fair

Families with tent spots at the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair already hold the weeklong celebration close to their hearts.

But for Jonathan and Kellie Long, of Howard, the last week in August took on new significance last year.

The couple’s twin daughters, Addison and Allison, were born Aug. 27, 2012, five-weeks early and on the fair’s annual kids’ day.

Jonathan Long said the joke within the family is that the twins didn’t want to miss the Grange Fair.

Addison and Allison had to wait until this year to get their first taste of the fair. Their family spent Tuesday morning decking out their side-by-side tents for a Grange birthday party.

Jonathan Long said the family packs as many as 40 people in those two tents during its annual reunion at the fair. Kellie Long missed last year’s due to her pregnancy. But this year the family was able to bring two new guests.

Beating the heat

As the temperature and humidity soared Tuesday afternoon, campers took to their tents and recreational vehicles for some shade and relief.

Tammie Cahoon, of Pleasant Gap, spent her afternoon sewing a present for her sister. But it’s hard to keep such a gift secret in a Grange Fair tent.

“That was the plan,” Cahoon said of giving the gift as a Christmas present. “But being she is here, it wouldn’t work out. She’d know it was for her.”

Cahoon said the tent has been passed down among her family for three generations. She has been coming to the fair since she was three months old.