U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson discusses policy at Patton Township business meeting

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson said one of his biggest duties is getting out in the community and talking to groups.

He got a chance to do that Wednesday, speaking at the monthly Patton Township Business Association meeting about job growth, the economy and health care. Group members also got the chance to fire away with their questions.

Thompson, R-Howard Township, said one of the main suggestions he gets from constituents is to vote to lower funding for the Affordable Healthcare Act, but he doesn’t see that as a solution to getting rid of the bill. He said the discretionary spending section that could receive less funding would cut programs such as nurse training that the Republicans historically support.

“That’s not a strategy. That’s not the solution,” he said. “In fact, that would serve to crush the parts of our health care system that we really like.”

To create jobs, he said the keys would be lowering taxes and making attempts to help college students secure more funding. Thompson said tax reform would help get the economy to start moving more fluidly, and providing help to college students would help with future job growth and train the workforce.

He said Congress was able to lower the estate tax, which will help small business, adding that he would like to see the tax removed completely because he calls it double taxation.

Jump-starting the economy, which he said is still the best in the world, would help to create more jobs and revenue, he said.

PTBA President David Panko said bringing in political figures such as Thompson into meetings is very helpful for the business representatives because it allows them to ask questions directly relating to their industries.

He said the answers to many of these questions can’t be found by searching Google, and face time with a U.S. representative is valuable.