Bellefonte to consider changes to Civil Service Commission policies

Borough Council will be looking to update some policies within its Civil Service Commission to stay compliant with state regulations.

Council discussed some of the changes during its work session, which includes alterations to the weighting of written and oral tests and other minor adjustments, Borough Manager Ralph Stewart said.

The commission’s main function is to oversee police hires and promotions. Talk of the policies rarely comes up, but Stewart said they began looking at adjusting them when they were discussing the possibility of promotions within the department.

“We’ve had the commission for years, but the state borough code is updated and there are changes,” Stewart said “We wanted to update our policies.”

He said the changes from the General Assembly happened about a year ago.

Many of the updated issues are minor changes, Stewart said, but borough officials still wanted to make sure the adjustments were made to stay compliant with the state codes.

They looked at other boroughs around the state that went through the code changes and adopted some of the policies to fit Bellefonte, Stewart said.

Borough Council will likely discuss the issue again at another work session. Councilwoman Renee Brown said she would like to thoroughly look through the document again because it is quite lengthy and she wants to make sure she is comfortable with everything.

Stewart said it will also be run by borough solicitor Rodney Beard and Police Chief Shawn Weaver before Borough Council takes final action.

He expects the final version of the policy changes to be presented before council for a vote in one of the two October meetings.