Rupert knocks off incumbent McGhee in Liberty Township board of supervisors race

Mike Rupert defeated incumbent Roberta McGhee on Tuesday for a seat on the Liberty Township board of supervisors.

Rupert, 56, a Democrat and political newcomer from Blanchard, won 158 to 119 with 56 percent of the votes, according to unofficial results.

McGhee, a Beech Creek resident and board vice chairwoman, was running as a Republican for a third six-year term.

“I thought it would be closer,” Rupert said. “I didn’t think I could beat her, knowing she was was going after her third term. I thought she would be tough to beat.”

Rupert, a sewer operator for the Bald Eagle Township Sewer Authority in Mill Hall, said he would initially focus on maintaining the township’s roads and continuing upgrades on the township’s sewer system.

“I’d like to thank all the people in the township who were confident in me being elected as a new township supervisor,” he said.