SilcoTek open house offers peek at business

Elected officials, community leaders and business partners got a first look Wednesday at the new SilcoTek facility in Benner Commerce Park.

Staff offered tours of the plant, where the company’s patented performance coating technologies are used to enhance materials in various industries, including oil and gas extraction, semiconductor, automotive and aerospace.

SilcoTek was formed by Restek founder Paul Silvis, who spun off the coatings process as a separate company in 2009. SilcoTek had been housed in the Restek building in nearby Penn Eagle Industrial Park.

Silvis greeted visitors Tuesday and launched the tours with a history of the company and the development of the coating technology.

He said that SilcoTek employs 30 people currently and growth is expected. On the tour, visitors learned that the plant was designed to allow for two more phases of expansion at the site.

“The innovative precast building is a symbolic milestone that brings SilcoTek one step closer to our vision,” Silvis said.

The coating process is designed to improve corrosion and moisture resistance, reduce chemical absorption, and improve product purity, the company’s website says.