Turkey sale benefits Penn State poultry club

Penn State students sold 10,000 pounds of turkey Monday in the hope of raising $14,000 to support their spring break trip to Germany.

The university’s Poultry Science Club held its annual pre-Thanksgiving turkey harvest sale, which saw hundreds of people in line before the doors opened at noon and then just a few dozen turkeys left two hours later.

“I was here at 10 o’clock, and I should have stayed,” said Jan Scholl, who arrived after the rush had died down to get a light bird. “Usually, I try to buy the smallest turkey.”

As luck would have it, the smallest available when she got there was a hefty 24-pound hen. Regardless, it’ll still be delicious, she said.

“Having a nice, fresh turkey without sodium is a great value,” said Scholl, of State College.

Renee Marks, of State College, was another turkey buyer who got a 24-pound hen. While it’s big, she has plans to send leftovers with her children when they leave after the holiday.

She said this year was her first time shopping at the sale, and she was glad to support the students’ endeavors. In addition, she likes the idea of buying locally raised turkey.

Penn State senior Corissa Steimling was one of the students in the running the sale. She’d stayed around campus over the weekend, as many of her peers headed home for the holiday.

There was little time to relax, as she and her cohorts began processing the birds on Thursday and into the weekend. By Sunday, they were bagging the more than 450 birds they’d sell.

“We do everything basically from growing to the table,” she said.

The proceeds will go toward the various student activities, including the spring break trip to Vechta, Germany, an area similar to Lancaster that has a high density of animal population. There, the students will learn about animal welfare and get course credit for the international experience.

The sale is always at noon on the Monday before Thanksgiving. For more information about the club, go to