Woman who stole $140,000 from elderly family member faces jail time

A Bellefonte woman who stole $140,000 in cash from her elderly father-in-law who suffered from dementia will spend at least five months in Centre County jail.

Jennifer Lynne Day, 51, was sentenced Monday to serve 10 months to two years in county jail. But Centre County Judge Bradley P. Lunsford said the woman could spend five months on home detention for pleading guilty in the case and sparing the family a trial, prosecutors said.

Day took the the money from her father-in-law’s mobile home in December 2009 on the day he was moved into an assisted living facility, prosecutors said.

She used the money to buy five vehicles, electronics and other items, and eventually to purchase the property on which her father-in-law lived, authorities said.

Day still owes $78,000 to the estate of the man, who has since passed away.